Thursday, November 17, 2011

IMATS Toronto 2011 & Haul

As many of you may know, IMATS 2012 was held last weekend at the Toronto Congress Centre. I had been waiting for this all year and was excited to attend again! I went on the Saturday with my friend Melanie who has begun her fascination in the world of beauty partly due to me being her enabler. Haha! I had also got to meet up with a few fellow Toronto Beauty Bloggers (Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews, Arianne aka Glitter Geek , Ande from Make Me Over Ande, Tess from Makeup by Tess, Kelly aka Glitter Diaries) and YouTube Vloggers (Fiona aka fionaman, Jen aka jdomakeup, Joanna aka xJOLE, Sandy aka sanderlees).

Below are pictures of the show.  Sorry they are not of the best quality due to the fact that I had forgotten my camera at home! :(

And if you're wondering if I got what was on my WANT LIST check out my haul at the end!

Tons of lashes at NYX

Hakuhodu Brushes probably the softest brushes ever!  My friend Mel just had to splurge on one!

Crown Brushes

Naked Cosmetics

Cover FX

Pari Beauty

Face Atelier.  Love their foundations!


Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist Eve Pearl

Me (looking like a midget) with Mabel & Angela owners of Velour Lashes which are made of Mink fur.  These girls were so sweet.  And they are a Canadian company too!  

Sitting in on Koren's (aka Enkoremakeup) class

Koren's model Tess (aka Makeup by Tess) who you may have remembered as the my model for O2B2

The final look.  Vibrant and Gorgeous!

Body art

More body art

And here's my haul!  I managed to get a lot of what I had on my want list.
Face Atelier Ultra Pro Foundations 6 for $100
Cozette Vessels from Kett Cosmetics $17
Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner $15
Beauty So Clean Sanitizer $20
Kett Cosmetics Blot Compact $18
Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive Shine & Oil Control $17 (I think! Please correct me if I'm wrong)
ZPalette $20
Makeup Forever 12 Colour Flash Case $67
NARS Orgasm x2 (bought these for friends) No discount which I regret!
Velour Lashes I got "Are those real?" $20
Multiple Crown Brushes $10.50 - $18.50 (totally regret...should have gotten Bdellium Tools which were all the rage this year!)


  1. Awesome haul! The MUFE Flash palette is a great price! I've always thought about getting it but I don't use much bright colours for work. Guess it's good for mixing though and obviously for fashion work. I got the Cozzette Vessel from Alcone for $13 and the ZPalette (for a friend) for $16 from Nigel's. Where did you get yours from? I was searching for the Parian brush cleanser - where did you get it at?

  2. OMG dont tell me that! :( Got Cozzette from Kett booth and ZPalette from Alcone. Parian brush cleanser was at Alcone but I emailed them a few days before IMATS to bring me a bottle cause I knew they weren't going to have any in stock. They actually had some at the Kett booth but smaller bottles. We need to push Alcone to carry them next year!

  3. Oh and thanks for the comment on new layout...I like it...for now. Hehe Wanted something a little more clean and simple :)

  4. Trust me I had a few disappointments with different pricing :( Now we have to compare prices from each booth before purchasing. Oh well guess that's how they have to be competitive. That's good you emailed Alcone before hand! I didn't think about doing that!

  5. They should put the makeup supply stores side by side! haha And for next year I'm so not going to's all about Bdellium! :)

  6. great haul! i missed it this year can't wait to attend next year!

  7. Sweet haul & thanks for the shout out hun! That sucks that different places were selling some of the products for less.. Next year I'm probably gonna scope out everything for a few hours and then shop! Hope you like your Flash Colour Palette, I love mine! :)

  8. @Janella thanks! Can't wait for next year too. Although, I think next year will be all about tools and supplies and less makeup.

    @Kelly I haven't played with the palette yet but excited to when I get the chance!

  9. Hahaha you don't look like a midget!!

    Ok you know what's weird, I feel like I've known you for so long and I just remember that we just MET at IMATS! Crazy!!!!! You got a great haul, I'm already excited about next year!

  10. It does feel like we've known eachother long time eh? Probably cause we talk a lot on Twitter! :) Can't wait for next year for sure!