Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help! I need a new hairstyle!

So I've decided that this Mama needs a new hair do!  Since having my 3rd baby my hair has begun to fall out and it has become really long and thin.  The above pic is what my hair is like now.  Long and boring and thin.  I don't know what to do with it so I usually just put it in a pony.  I'm thinking of chopping off a few inches but not sure what kind of style I want.  Here are a few styles I've come across on the web.  

Jennifer Aniston has been my fashion/hair icon for a long time now.  When she debut this cut I immediately fell in love.

Hilary Duff's hair is sort of similar to my hair now except that it's a few inches shorter.  I do like the long layers in front.

Gwyneth Paltrow has another bob haircut that I've been admiring.

 Alyssa Milano is another style I like.  I like that the bottom of the hair is blunt making her hair appear more full.  I also like the long layers in the front.

So as you can tell from the pictures I like long and blunt hairstyles because it makes thin hair look fuller and thicker.  I'm just not sure if I should go shorter or medium length.  Please help me decide!  What do you think will look good on me?  


  1. Hey Donna, I really like Jennifer Anistons's cut, esp. the color. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Gizelle! Her color is nice but I don't think I wanna go blonde. Just wanna keep my natural hair colour.

  3. Although I dont like her ... Jenn's hair cut would suit you the best ..perhaps a bit more layers to give it a bit more volume as well (especially if your hair is thinning out) :)

    Good Luck ..and let me know what you decided :) (I'll be getting one in the new year as well .. must be baby#3 syndrome!!!!!!!

  4. Haha baby #3 syndrome! You're funny Marina! Looks like Jen is in the lead :)