Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Origins Multi-Grain Makeup Vs. Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup

On days where I don't feel like putting too much effort into my makeup I usually reach for my powder foundations.  Two that I really like are Origins Multi-Grain Makeup and Bare Escentuals Bare Mineral Makeup.  But after using both of these products I tend to favour one more than the other.  Read on to see which one I prefer better.

Origins Multi-Grain Makeup ($25.00 USD)
This is not your typical mineral makeup that includes ingredients such as talc.  Instead it's made from oats, vitamins and natural SPF ingredients which are great for your skin.  One thing I noticed about this makeup is that it's not as finely milled as most mineral foundations are.  So it's a bonus that it doesn't make as much of a mess.  I don't apply this in the the same way as my Bare Mineral foundation because it doesn't really need to be buffed into the skin as much.  I like to use my Sephora #55 Professionnel Platinum Airbrush .  The coverage is light to medium but very buildable.  You don't need a lot of layers to get the coverage you need.  I love that it is weightless and feels like I'm not wearing anything on my skin.  As for the results, they are amazing!  I love the way my skin looks after putting this on.  It give me a bright healthy glow and makes me look alive and awake which is great for the mornings when you look dead and tired.  This foundation is quick and easy and will benefit you especially if you're the type that is always on the go.

Everyone knows that Bare Minerals is the leading brand in mineral makeup.  I bought the started kit that comes with two foundation shades, a bronzer, mineral veil and 3 brushes (concealer, kabuki, powder).  The application I find is not as simple as it seems.  I feel like I have to really buff this foundation in to get the coverage I need.  The application process seems to take a lot longer than it does with my Origins Multi-Grain.  Also, I don't like to use the brushes that came in the kit because they don't deliver the results I want, instead I like to use my MAC 109 as I find that it buffs it into my skin a lot better.  I do love the end result though of having flawless looking skin.  But I find that it doesn't give me a that healthy glow that the Origins Multi-Grain Makeup gives me. Another thing I'm not too keen on is that this makes a huge mess so you have to be really careful. 

I guess you tell which brand I prefer.  Don't get me wrong I still like my Bare Minerals but Origins Multi-Grain Makeup beats it by far in my book!


Have you tried any of the two?  Which do you prefer?  Feel free to comment below.


  1. Great review! I'm not the biggest fan of mineral makeup because of the mess, but I might just give Origins a try when I feel like trying one. I usually use liquid foundations (FACE Atelier) which I love.

    You need more blog love, girl! Yours is one of the best beauty blogs I've come across recently. :)

  2. You are too sweet! Thanks so much for the comment! I really do appreciate it :) I want to try Face Atelier. Think I'll have to purchase a sample fiirst and see.

  3. I agree! Donna needs more blog love! Love your blog and love u! Hmm, intrigued by Origins but not a fan of Bare Minerals. I'm allergic to one of the ingredients and it makes my face itch. Do you find it makes you shiny after a while?

  4. Aww too kind too kind! I love you and your blog too Joy! I never did think that I'd ever purchase an Origins product. As for Bare Minerals I haven't had any skin reactions to it. And now that you mention it my skin does tend to get oily when I use it. But maybe it's because I have oily to combo skin? I've got a pretty oily t-zone.