Friday, November 11, 2011

Fero Beauty Stainless Steel Palette with 4 Wells

As a makeup artist it's important to have the right tools when you're working on a gig.  One important tool is a stainless steel palette.  These palettes are great for mixing liquid or cream products.  I was on the hunt for a special palette that is round in shape and where I could stick my thumb through a hole.  I checked out a few suppliers who carried it.  But to my luck they were all out of stock! Then I came across a UK based cosmetic supplier online called Fero Beauty.  They carried the palette but they also carried another palette that caught my eye.  It had the same shape but the only difference was that it had 4 dip wells.  I'm usually hesitant about ordering things online from other countries but I hadn't come across any other site that carried this type of palette.  So I took a chance and placed my order.  What I liked about the process was that after I had placed my order they sent me an email stating how much shipping would be and if I didn't agree to the costs I didn't have to go through with the order.  I paid 10.30 British Pounds for shipping (with tracking) on top of the palette that only cost 5.50 pounds.  I know the price of shipping is a bit much but I couldn't risk losing it in the mail without a tracking number.  I figured what the hey I really want this palette. I've been using this at every gig so far and I'm really loving it!  The palette is slightly larger than your standard rectangular stainless steel palette that every other artist out there owns.  But it does fit comfortably in my hand and it makes it easy for me to mix my liquid foundations.  No more liquids slipping and sliding off my palette!  This is a definite must have in my opinion.

Do you have a palette like this one?  If so, where did you get it from?  I'd love to know if there are any other places that carry this as well.


  1. I like that the palette has those wells, so product won't get accidentally mixed together like they do on a flat palette! Maybe they will have something similar at imats?

  2. Yeah the wells are great! Hopefully you can find it at IMATS! I know there's one out there that doesn't have the wells. I'm sure that one will be at IMATS.

  3. Aww this one wasn't at IMATS! My friend and I were looking at some. Donna how much was this after converting it to CDN $?

    I like this palette and it's really smart to have the wells!

  4. Yeah I don't have a clue where else you can find this. If you convert the price it's pretty pricey especially with the tracked shipping. Comes out to about $25 :s But if anyone can find a place that sells it in North America I'm sure it will be a lot less.