Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gleam Body and Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills Review

I'm a little bummed because of the weather we've been having as of late.  I wish summer would get here soon!  If you're a little down because there's no sun here's a little something to pick you up!  I was sent some products from the Gleam Radiance collection by Makeup Artist Melanie Mills and they're definitely something worth checking out.  

If you've watched Dancing with the Stars you may have noticed how radiant and glowing the dancer's are.  That's because they're all wearing Melanie's Gleam Body Radiance!  The product was created specifically for the show by Melanie and to this day they all still wear it!  The product comes in a 30 mL/1 fl.oz tube.  The consistency feels very much like a lotion.  All you have to do is squeeze a little product out and slather on the parts of your body where you'd like to have nice healthy glow.  I like to use this especially on my legs if I wear a skirt.  I'm not a huge fan of my legs but with this on I don't mind so much showing them off a little. 

A little squirt out of the tube
This is the color "Rose Gold" suitable for light/medium skin tones like myself

Slightly blended

 Fully blended

I'm a sucker for anything nude!  Nude lip color that is!  So I chose the color "Naked" from the Lip Radiance collection.  Naked is a peachy nude which I think is great for my light to medium toned skin.  First off I love the smell of the gloss as it has a sweet vanilla like scent to it.  The feel of the lipgloss was surprisingly not sticky because when you first see it on the gloss wand it looks pretty thick.  The gloss applies nice and smoothly and doesn't settle deeply into the fine lines of my lips making them appear smooth and plump.  I would highly recommend this gloss especially if you like a nude lip! And did I mention that Lip Radiance is made with organic and botanical ingredients?  That's a bonus in my book!  So slather it on 'cause this stuff is actually good for your lips!  I think I may have to get a few more colors for my kit as well!

All in all I really like these products.  So if you girls are like me and can't wait for the summer.  Why not get a head start with GLEAM!

I should also mention that Melanie was recently featured in May's InStyle Magazine and just filmed a segment for Dr. OZ about how spray tans can make one look thinner for summer. The segment will air on April 25!! So stay tuned and check your local listings!
For more information on GLEAM and the Makeup Artist behind the brand please visit www.gleambymelaniemills.com