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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help! I'm addicted to Makeup Brushes!

If there's one thing I'm totally obsessed about or that I cannot get enough of it's makeup brushes!  My collection ranges from different brands that I've come across either in stores or online.  I don't know what it is about brushes that makes me wanting more.  In my collection are 128 brushes that I've collected over the years.  My collection does not stop there.  Everytime I hear about a new brand of brushes I just HAVE to try them!  Next on my list...BDELLIUM!  

My face brushes


Eye brushes

My personal collection as well as brushes I use in my kit

What are you makeup obsessions?  Are you as addicted to brushes as I am?  

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Enkore Makeup HD Stipple & Swirl Brush Review

 Koren Zander
If you don't already know who Koren of EnkoreMakeup is then you better hurry up and check him out on YouTube!  He's one of the top Beauty Guru's on YouTube's How To & Style Category with over 87,000 subscribers to his channel.  He's also #48 on YouTube's most subscribed (All Time) Guru's.  If you're a regular watcher of Koren, then you'll know that he has his own online store.  He has handcrafted makeup brushrolls and he even has his own makeup and makeup brush line which are available on his website.  He's full of so many beauty tips and creative ideas that it will leave you wanting more videos from him.  He recently made a new channel featuring his arch nemesis Enkorinne.  Be sure to check her out on YouTube as well!

Because I like Koren so much, last December I decided to buy the HD Stipple and Swirl from his brush line.  This brush was designed to be like that of the MAC 109 and MAC 187 put together.  I was so excited to get this brush but when it arrived and I tested it out I was quite disappointed with the quality of the brush as it had horrible shedding.  It would shed when I washed it and it would shed on my face while I applied my foundation.  And I'm not talking about 3 or 4 little hairs.  This was like at least 10-15 hairs.  The hairs looked like tiny fine cut hairs which reminded me of facial hairs right after your husband/boyfriend shaves.  I had to let Koren know about my concerns so I emailed and DM's him on his Twitter.  He was very quick to respond and said he would contact the manufacturer regarding this matter.  I was then informed that the little hairs were probably due to the fact that the black hairs were laser cut and they had probably not vacuumed all the hairs out.  My brush was shedding so bad that I could no longer put it use.  I told Koren how sad I was about it and he took action and had the manufacturer re-produce a new brush that would have a crimped ferrule which would help with the brush not shed too much.  To my surprise he would send me a new brush FREE of charge!

I received my new brush in the mail the following month and in the beginning I noticed major shedding again!  I was told that this would go away with a couple of washes and uses.  So I decided to give this brush a chance.  And Koren was right!  After a few weeks my brush is no longer shedding and the results of liquid foundation application with this brush are flawless.  I not only use this brush for foundation but for multiple uses as well.  It can be used for liquid foundation, blush, contouring and highlighting.  This brush is much better than the first as it is more dense.  This is a great brush if you're looking to have that flawless airbrushed finish.  If you already own a great brush that delivers great and flawless results and you like it then I'd say this isn't a brush that you don't necessarily need to have.  But if you're a brush freak like myself then you'll definately want one of these in your collection!

Here are some pictures of both brushes and how they compare.
Top: 1st brush
 Bottom: 2nd brush
Top: 1st Brush
Bottom: 2nd Brush
Left: 2nd Brush
Right: 1st Brush
Left: 2nd Brush
Right: 1st Brush

Do you own any of Koren's brushes?  What's your opinion?  Feel free to comment below.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas For All Budgets Part 2 of 2: Palettes & Sets

I absolutely love this palette.  It has every color that you'll ever need especially if you're the type who likes neutral or is a natural makeup type of gal.  This is a great palette for a great price.  The texture is velvety and the colors are very pigmented.  Perfect for all skin tones!

MAC Holiday Collection ($27 - $71.50 CAD)
What's great about this collection is that there are so many sets to choose from whether it be eyes, lips, or face.  I think they are great, if you're willing to spend the money for them.
Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit ($65 USD)
I love Laura Mercier's line of cosmetics.  This kit has everything you need to create that flawless face everyone aims to achieve.  I own all of these products in full size and I absolutely love them!  This is a definate must have!

The Balm Shady Lady Palette ($38 USD)
This palette is only available at Sephora and is a limited editon.  I can't say enough great things about this palette.  It has almost every color you need to create any look.  The colors have shimmer in them but they're not so shimmery that it's overbearing.  I also love that the shadows are super pigmented so a little will go a long way.  They also very easy to blend.  Another favorite in my collection.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Affordable Makeup Brushes

I know that lately I've been blogging a lot about makeup brushes. But I really do believe that they are essential if you want to achieve that flawless face, perfectly blended eyeshadow, and cute blushing cheeks. I usually look for a great deal when I buy my makeup brushes and I have come across some great websites and retail stores that offer them at an affordable price. My brush collection consists of a wide range of brushes from many different companies including MAC. But we all know how expensive MAC brushes can be.  So for all you budget conscious peeps I've compiled a list of companies to see which brushes you think might fit your budget and where you can get a hold of them.

1) Kayana Beauty Trends is not an online retail store but a service providing photography, makeup artistry, and hairstyling.  They also happen to sell quality professional makeup brushes.  I bought my first full set ever from them and I absolutely love them.  Their customer service is superb! Check them out at or on their Facebook Fan Page.

2) Coastalscents is an online retailer that sells cosmetics, makeup brushes, and everything you need to make your own makeup!  I'm a regular customer of coastalscents and get this, they've got a few makeup brushes that sell for less than $2.00 USD!  Amazing right? They also sell amazing colored palettes at awesome prices.  I can't say enough good things about this company. So if you're looking for affordable quality makeup and brushes is worth checking out!

3) Sigma Makeup is a new fun cosmetic company offering makeup and brushes.  You've probably heard of them if you're a YouTube beauty fanatic like myself.  I've bought a couple of their brushes and all I can say is they have great MAC quality brushes.  They even labeled their brushes after MAC's numbering system (except that they ad an "SS" before the number).  To find MAC dupes, is the place to find them at great prices!

4) Sonia Kashuk brushes available at Target.  Sorry Canadians but these brushes are only available to our American neighbours.  I was lucky to get my hands on some whenever I visited the States.  So the next time you're visiting across the border be sure to check out Target and Sonia Kashuk's line of brushes.

5) Quo brushes available at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I love Quo brushes.  The prices aren't too bad either.  And the quality is pretty good as well.  They've recently come out with a studio line which is available at their Boutique stores.  And if you're lucky, you might catch them on sale offering them at 20-40% off!

6) Michaels Craft Store.  I know what you're thinking.  Why would they sell makeup brushes at Michaels?  Well, they don't. But what if I told you you can use artist paint brushes as makeup brushes?  That's right!  I've come across some excellent artist brushes that I use a makeup brushes.  One brand to check out in the artist aisle is Leow Cornell's Maxine Thomas Mop brushes.  They're made of goat hair which are perfect for eyeshadows.  If for some reason you can't find them at Michaels check out Hofcraft's website where they also sell them online.

Good luck & Happy brush hunting!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cleaning Your Dirty Makeup Brushes

I'm just going to get straight to the point.  Dirty makeup brushes are GROSS.  Did you know that they are one of the culprits of acne breakouts and bacterial eye infections,  I am astonished when I see some of the dirty makeup brushes I have come across when going to a friends house or taking a peek at their makeup bags.  I'm always one to ask, "Um...when was the last time you cleaned your brush(es)?"  Some of the answers I get are, "I don't clean them," or "never."My response, "WHAT?  You DON'T clean your brushes?  Do you have any idea what is lurking around in there?"  So please, friends.  If you don't want a horrible acne breakout or a nasty sty in your eye take these measures and do yourself a favor.  Clean your brushes and rid those nasty germs away!  

Here's what you can do to keep your brushes clean.  

What you'll need:

1) Dirty Brushes
2) Brush Cleanser (MAC has a good one that I like to use)
3) Gentle/Mild Shampoo (I use Johnson's baby shampoo)
4) Paper towel
5) Hand towel

What you'll need to do on a daily basis:

1) Right after you've used your brushes: dab a bit of brush cleanser on a clean paper towel and swipe your dirty brush on it until the residue and dirt come off 
2) Lay on a clean paper towel to dry (shouldn't take long to dry and will be ready for your next makeup application or touch up)

Once a week you should do a deep cleansing of brushes:

1) Wet only the hairs/tips of the brush (be sure not to wet the ferrule of the brush.  The water will cause the glue to desintegrate over time resulting in a broken brush)
2) Take your shampoo and rub a decent amount  (depending on the brush size) into the brush 
3) Rinse until the water appears clean (if the water appears dirty, repeat the process)
4) Re-shape your brush using a pinching motion
5) Lay flat to dry on a clean towel

- Never dry your brushes standing up, as water will seep down into the ferrule causing the brush to break
- For the removal of hard residue or tough makeup stains use olive oil and work it into the bristles prior to deep cleansing
- After buying a new set of brushes, be sure to deep clean them prior to first use

Friday, September 4, 2009

MAC 217 Dupe

We all know that the MAC 217 is one of the best blending brushes out there right? Well I'be been trying to find a great dupe for the 217 for the longest time and little did I know I had one all along! It actually never struck me because I had always been reaching for my 217. Except for one particular day, my 217 was extremely dirty and I had to reach for another blending brush. So I picked up my Sephora #29 which I hadn't used in a long time. I had forgotten how great this brush was! It was almost like it was blending my eye shadow just like the MAC 217! So I decided to compare the two. And boy was I shocked! They were almost EXACTLY the same! Same bristle head shape but different handle size and animal hair. I couldn't believe all this time I was searching and it was right in front of me! If you're looking for a more affordable alternative to the MAC 217 then the Sephora #29 is the brush for you! Check out my pics for a comparison.      
Top: MAC 217 ($22.50 USD)
Bottom: Sephora 29 ($15.00 USD)

Front view

Side view