Saturday, October 29, 2011

My IMATS 2011 WANT list!

If you've read my IMATS post from last year you'd know that I didn't go too crazy with my haul.  This year I plan to change that!  I have a list that many of my Twitter friends and followers have been asking about and here it is!  These are just a few things that I want and hopefully will get...

I have one in the full size and I love it!  I've decided that I need a few of these in my kit!

I already own a couple of these and they are awesome!  I love the see through window.  A definite must have  for makeup artists.

I recently heard about this Canadian Company and definitely want to try their false lashes which are made out of mink fur.

What can I say I'm a sucker for neutrals!

I've always wanted to try Yaby but always thought that they were expensive.  Since they will be at IMATS I'm hoping to get a good deal!

I've heard that this was a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette except that you get more colours!  I must try it!

I usually just use 90% Isopropyl Alcohol in my kit but I find that it really dries out my product.  I've heard that this doesn't dry it out as much but disinfects products just as good.  

If you've come across Fiona Man's Product Wars Video on YouTube then you would know that this brush cleaner is better than the MAC one.  Need this!

Need I say more?  Want it!

Recommended by Jenn of Spiced Beauty.  She says "they're definitely worth it!" So I've decided that this is another must try!

I previously owned a bottle of this and actually finished it down to the last drop!  I never had the chance to get another one particularly because it is quite pricey.  But I'm willing to pay for it if there's a discount!

I already own a few of these and I think they're awesome.  Smooth, Creamy, and lasts all day!  A staple in my kit!

I need a good highlighter and I've heard this is a good one.  Do you know of one that is better than this?  If so comment below!

A staple in any makeup artist's kit (so I've heard).  I guess I need this too!

A must have for makeup artists!  I own 1 of these and I need more.  I use a ton of brushes and these are great to have to hold and store your dirty brushes.

A great primer for airbrush makeup.  I've read some reviews on this and I really like that it's all natural and is really good for oily skin.  I get a lot of clients with oily skin and think this is worth a try.

Also on my list are brushes, disposables, and other makeup artist accessories.  There will be a bunch of vendors who supply these so I will just pick out who is the most affordable!

 Okay so there you have it!  That's my want/need list.  Are you going to IMATS?  I wanna see your list!  Leave a comment with your list or if you've blogged about it I wanna know!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help! I need a new hairstyle!

So I've decided that this Mama needs a new hair do!  Since having my 3rd baby my hair has begun to fall out and it has become really long and thin.  The above pic is what my hair is like now.  Long and boring and thin.  I don't know what to do with it so I usually just put it in a pony.  I'm thinking of chopping off a few inches but not sure what kind of style I want.  Here are a few styles I've come across on the web.  

Jennifer Aniston has been my fashion/hair icon for a long time now.  When she debut this cut I immediately fell in love.

Hilary Duff's hair is sort of similar to my hair now except that it's a few inches shorter.  I do like the long layers in front.

Gwyneth Paltrow has another bob haircut that I've been admiring.

 Alyssa Milano is another style I like.  I like that the bottom of the hair is blunt making her hair appear more full.  I also like the long layers in the front.

So as you can tell from the pictures I like long and blunt hairstyles because it makes thin hair look fuller and thicker.  I'm just not sure if I should go shorter or medium length.  Please help me decide!  What do you think will look good on me?  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Out of the Beauty Box Toronto: AIRBRUSH

Last Sunday I attended the Out of the Beauty Box Toronto Airbrush class taught by none other than Koren Zander (aka:  Enkore Makeup) and Elessa Jade (aka:  Pursebuzz).  Now if you don't know who these two are WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  We all know and love them on YouTube and it was an honour to have them as my instructors.

O2B2 (for short) took place at Arline Malakian Studio and we learned the basics of airbrushing for a whole 5 hours.  The lesson started off by Koren handing out our Temptu airbrush kits.  Surprisingly I kept my composure and held in my excitement as I opened the boxes.  The whole class was in silence as we were in awe of our new goodies!  Then it was time for inventory.  We had to make sure that we checked off that we had everything in out kits.  Next off Elessa showed us all the componenets of the airbrush gun and showed us how to disassemble and assemble and disassemble and assemble and disassemble and assemble our airbrush guns.  I think I must have put that thing together and took it apart at least 10 times!  But by the 3rd or 4th time I was already a pro!  It was almost as if we were all in the army!  

We then had Koren show us where to set our compressors and how to use the airbrush gun.  We also did a few practice exercises on paper.  Now let me tell you, these exercises weren't that easy.  Airbrushing really does require a lot of practice.  When we watch someone using an airbrush, it's alot harder than one might think.  There's a lot of finger and wrist motions involved that I even think my hand started to cramp a bit.  Just pressing and pushing that airbrush trigger back and forth really does require some sort of coordination. A lot of people may think you just aim and shoot but let me tell you it ain't so!

Practice shots

After practicing it was then time to work on our models.  I had the lovely Tess from Makeup By Tess as my model.  She was really sweet and easy to work with.  Luckily she has nice skin to begin with which made my job a lot easier!

 Tess' before shot

 Back bubbling

Students and their models

Tess' after shot

Time for Tess' photoshoot

Pursebuzz the photographer

Airbrush Certified! 

Me and my pretty model Tess

All in all I must say that this class was worth my time and money.  Koren and Elessa were awesome instructors who took the time to work with you one on one.  The class was really hands on and informative.  One thing I really liked was that they both would go around to see how you were doing and would help you and show you how to improve your technique.  They were there every step of the way answering all your questions and concerns.  Another good thing that came out of this class was that I got my certificate and I managed to already get some pro artist discounts from several beauty companies.  I'm happy that I joined the class and would not hesitate to join another!

Here's what we got in out kit:

Picture from the O2B2 Website

S-One Compressor
SP-35 Airbrush Gun
SB Foundations Makeup Starter Set
7 Pack S/B Blush & Highlighter Starter Set*
S/B Primer
S/B Airbrush Cleaner
Airbrush Moisturizer
Concealer Wheel

Temptu Aibrush Cleaning Kit
Disposable sponges
Cotton swabs
disposable spatulas (not pictured)
 disposable headband (not pictured)
 concealer brush (not pictured)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

L'Oreal Paris La Couleur Infallable Review

I'm probably the last blogger to write a review on this awesome product but being a mommy of 3 it's kinda hard to find the time to actually test products considering I only wear makeup on the weekends AND if I happen to step out of the house (which is rarely).

But with further a do I bring you L'Oreal Paris La Couleur Infallable.  I was sent 9 our of the 11 colors and they are just gorgeous.  To be honest, I've never come across any eyeshadow like these before.  They seem to be a cross between a pressed eyeshadow and a pigment (if that makes sense).  When you open the little jar of shadow you'll notice a black little stop which keeps the shadows in place.  It would also be a good idea not to toss these out as you can use it to press the shadow back into place after using it.

005 Purple Obsession, 007 Unlimited Sky, 002 Hourglass Beige

The texture of the shadows feels a bit spongy when you pressed down lightly with your finger.  They almost have a cream like silky feel when you give it a swipe.  It's also best to apply these with your finger or a flat synthetic eyeshadow brush.  I like that the shadows are extremely pigmented and long lasting.  If you're someone with oily eyelids like myself this is something you might like to try.  L'oreal claims that the shadows last up to 24hrs but I'm not one to wear eyeshadows for that long.  Do you know anyone who does?  But never the less I'm pretty sure this is true as I wore mine for up to at least 14 hrs and it did not budge!

015 Flasback Silver, 009 Permanent Kaki, 001 Time Resist White

006 All Night Blue, 013 Burning Black, 004 Forever Pink

I'm not much of a metallic eyeshadow wearer but you can definitely achieve that bold eye look with these.  I would say these shadows are great for going out at night especially if you're into the club scene.  I do like these and I wished they were also available in a matte formulation.  Perhaps that's something L'oreal is willing to do in the future? ;-p

Suggested retail price $10.99 CAD