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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Haul

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had an awesome Christmas!  I thought I'd share with you what I hauled for the month of December including Christmas gifts I got from family and friends. In the top pic you'll notice some goodies in the top left hand side.  Products purchased were from LUSH.  I ended up buying a Buffy Body Butter, Herbalism face scrub and Chocolate Whip Stick lipbalm.

Thank you to my lovely friends Mae and Alvin. I was ecstatic upon opening this!  I can create a lot of looks with this palette.

The Color Workshop Palette
I found this palette at Pharma Plus.  It only cost $2.99 and to my surprise these are SUPER pigmented!  They blend very nicely too.  If you happen to stop by a Pharma Plus you definately have to get this.  The only downfall of this palette is that the packaging is cheaply made.  There was a mirror attached to it and it broke off the first time I opened it.  Other than that, it's great for what it's worth.

I picked these up on boxing day but they weren't on sale.  I just had to have them after seeing countless of awesome review on YouTube.  Had to have them for myself!

This color is great for using on your waterline (lower eye rim) if you want to achieve that wide awake look.  It'll make your eyes appear larger. Great if you have an Asian eye like myself.

Only $6 at Superstore.  What a steal!  Very comparable to MAC's Penultimate Liner.  Does the same job in my opinion.  Just a cheaper alternative if you don't want to pay for the MAC version.

I heard about this primer from my friend Jennai.  I usually use either Laura Mercier or Smashbox.  But after using this I'm not sure if I'll even go back to the other two.  I like the way this feels on my skin.  It doesn't have any silicone or mineral oils in it.  It's 99% natural.  And it has a nice citrus/vanilla smell to it.  If you're sensitive to scents I'd probably skip this.  But thank goodness I'm not! 

I picked these up while Christmas shopping for my mother in law.  For her I picked up a lipstick in Dare You (not pictured) and a blush called Pinch Me that I just had to get for myself as well! I love the blush it literally does look like someone just pinched your cheeks.  As for the lipstick it's a pretty nude pink color.  I'm all about nude lips and Subculture liner went very well with it too.

I was one of the lucky few who got to receive this product for free from Chick Advisor.  Check out my review on the website!

I was surprised when I learned that Jacob was selling lipglosses.  My sister bought me one in the color "DONNA."  I knew instantly I HAD to have a backup!  A lipgloss with my name on it was too good to pass up! L-R in the picture are the colors Bella, Donna and Cita.  The price is 2 for $15.  That is like getting only one MAC lipglass.  And just so everyone knows, every time you purchase a lipgloss from Jacob they will donate $1.00 from the sale to help fund the Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer research.  So this is definately worth picking up!

Anyone who is a YouTube beauty watcher already knows who Koren of EnkoreMakeup is.  He has come out with his own makeup brush line.  Check out his online store for some goodies if you haven't already! He also has these amazing brush holders that are hand crafted by the man himself.  A very multi talented guy.  Go subscribe to his YouTube Channel too!  You'll learn a lot of great tips and tricks of the trade!

Business Card Holder from Forever 21
My sister bought this for me for Christmas.  I was in need of one.  I love it!

Juicy Couture Train Case
I bought this on Boxing Day from Sephora.  I believe the retail value of it was $75 + but me and my sister managed to buy it for only $37 plus taxes!  What a steal! Cute isn't it?
I have my wonderful husband to thank for this awesome luggage!  I originally wanted the Artist Pro one but who cares it's a Zuca!  And if I need the plastic compartments they're available online.  This will be used for my makeup kit.  I no longer need to carry my hard MAC traincase that weighs a ton when filled.  I love this because it comes with stacked compartments and it's very compact but can hold a lot.  It's also a rolling bag so barely any lifting is involved.  And the best part of this is that you can actually sit on top of the luggage.  Great for clients tp sit on while doing their makeup.  I'm in love!

That's it for December!  Looking forward to January and hope you all have a Happy Happy New year!