Friday, November 18, 2011

The Beauty Premiere: A Marcelle and Annabelle Party!

The Toronto Beauty Bloggers have been waiting for this event for weeks and it had finally come!  Tonights event wasn't your typical sit down and listen to the speaker event but a chic and hip party located at the Toronto Thompson Hotel's Rooftop Lounge.   We were able to get a sneak of the Spring 2012 Collections which I am so excited for!  Check out my pics below of the night for a sneak peak into the collections and all the fun we TOBB's had!

I had been in contact with Isabelle (Social Media & PR Director of Groupe Marcelle Inc) because she needed a makeup artist to do her makeup and hair for the night.  I was lucky enough to glam her up! Isn't she stunning!  (Thank you so much Isabelle for allowing me to do your makeup and hair.  You were wonderful to work for.  I had a fab time at the party!)

Back of Isbelle's hair

Side shot

I also had the opportunity to Isabelle's colleague makeup as well.  Gorgeous girl!

Our view from the top!

Annabelle and Marcelle hors d'oeuvres served on a platter!  How cute is that?!

Glitter Liners

Big Show Lipgloss

Swatches of some of the glosses which are non sticky by the way!

Smudge Paints...LOVE these!  I have it in black and it lasts all day long!

These are a must have.  I will do a separate post reviewing these!

BB Creams are all the rage in Asia.  And Marcelle will be introducing it to Canada and launching it this February!  I can't wait!  I used this on Isabelle's face and it is wonderful!  

Marcelle ladies posing with the BB Creams

New Mascara I can't wait to test out!

Rubber brush head which is popular these days

Anti-aging skin care

Check this out.  We got to custom make our own lipgloss!  How cool is that?  

These are the colours we got to mix and match

My finished product!  I'll call it "Donna Marie"

Custom made gloss by Lisa Marie (Beauty Crazed)  She calls it "Slutty Beauty Crazed Coral"! Haha!

Tess and Kelly from Glitter Diaries says "Don't mind if I do!" 

Anjali (Rock That Look), Fiona (fionaman) and Jill (Batting A Lash) catching up

Me and Isabelle our hostess of the night

Elaine (TO Beauty Reviews) and Tess (Makeup By Tess)

Me and Fiona

Fiona having fun swatching the Smudge Paints

Arianne (Glitter Geek) and Tess

Me and Makeup Artist Lelo

Fiona & Makeup Artist Mariana 

Last minute goodies to take home! 

End of the night with gift bags!

And there you have it.  Be sure to check out your local drugstores to pick up the new 2012 Collections launching this February!

A special thanks again to Marcelle and Annabelle Cosmetics for such an amazing event!  Looking forward to the Spring 2012 Collection!


  1. I always look bad in random pictures but that one isn't that bad lol It was definitely such a great night meeting everyone and getting to know more about the brands :) Really wish I remembered to bring my camera though lol

  2. Aww Kelly feel free to use my pictures if you want! :)

  3. Wow, that Lisamarie makes a great lipgloss! ;-) Great seeing (and swapping with) you!

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. Yes that Lisamarie does make a fabulous lipgloss! I love coral! Was nice to see you too! :)

  5. What a super fun night! And holy crap I forgot to send you your picture...ahhh I'm so behind, so sorry! Will do it this weekend! Can you DM me your email address on twitter?

  6. @Elaine I know right? Such a fun night! Yes please email me any pics with me in it. Thanks hun! :)

  7. I look weird in the last pic lol. Fun times!