Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blush Pretty The Beauty Board: Summer Loving Event

Me and Stephanie of Blush Pretty

This past Sunday I along with 6 of my gal pals attended The Beauty Board presented by Blush Pretty.  We got to mingle, eat great food, but best of all we got to try amazing new products from some of our favourite beauty brands as well as new brands.  My favourite brand of the day was Dalish Cosmetics who not only sells cosmetics but also baby skincare.  A double bonus for this beauty and baby loving mama!  Check out pics of the event below.  I must warn you that this post is picture heavy!  Enjoy!

Me with fellow Toronto bloggers Anjali (Rock That Look), and Meredith (et tu and you)

Me and YouTube vlogger/guru Fiona (fionaman on YouTube)

Me and Andrea Creator of Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics

New to the beauty board this year was Revolution Organics.  Can't wait to try the lip gloss I received in the swag bag!

With Gargi of Vasanti who bronzed me up with Vasanti Brazilian Bronzer - Brightening Mineral Powder.
Can you see the glow in my face?  Loved it!

Me and Kristin from Consonant (I bought their Organic Foaming Face Wash so look out for a future review!)

Me wearing some beautiful pieces from Stella and Dot and Stylist Christina,  Check out this awesome cuff bracelet below that I won in a raffle!  I love it, it is so my style! 

Avon/Mark Cosmetics.  Interested in purchasing anything?  Check out and get in touch with Elaine!

Posting with an EH-Culture t-shirt  

Amanda from Featherband.  She hand makes all these pretty feathered accessories!

Gosh I wished I had taken a better picture and one with Melanie the owner of DaLish Cosmetics.  This pic just doesn't do the brand justice!  Afterall, this was my favourite brand of the day!

Baby Butter and Baby Balm by Dalish Cosmetics that I purchased for my sweet little baby 

A special thanks to Stephanie of Blush Pretty for organizing and hosting such an awesome event!  I'll be sure to come back for the next one.  Until then I'll be playing around with my awesome swag and purchases!

Check out my Facebook Fan Page Makeup by Donna Marie for more pictures of the event, my purchases, and my swag!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Scoops Kid Spa

A few weeks ago my family spent a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Ontario.  We enjoyed the weekend splashing in the waterpark, going down the water slides, wading in the wave pool, and getting massages at Elements Spa.  One place my 4 year old daughter Kaly really loved was Scoops Kids Spa.  She got pampered like a little princess and got her cute little nails did.  Check out pics below of her experience!

Kaly's tiara in waiting...

 massage time...

mud wrap for the hands...just kidding it's a chocolate wrap!

time for some paint...

today she wants blue...

You like?  It's OPI's "Teal the Cows Come Home"

A great place for a little princess don't ya think?  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot or Not: New Hollywood Hair Trend

The latest celebrity to dye her hair a funky colour is Glee's Diana Agron.  What do you think of this new Hollywood hair trend we've been seeing lately?  Is it HOT or NOT?  Scroll down to see what I think.

Diana Agron:  I'm gonna have to give her a NOT!  She looks rather clownish in this pic and I don't think this really suits her image.

Kate Bosworth:  Another NOT!  Looks like she just dipped the ends of her hair in blue Kool Aid.  

Katy Perry:  HOT!  If anyone can pull off colourful hair it's Katy.  She's done it in the past and she's done it again.  It suits her well.

Sienna Miller:  I'm borderline HOT and NOT with this one.  You can tell that the colour in her strands are a very suble pink. I think if she was more put together in the right picture she could definitely pull this off.

Lauren Conrad:  HOT.  I believe she started this trend not to long ago.  The blue highlights are subtle and not too crazy.  She still looks well put together.

What are you thoughts?  Are they HOT or NOT?

Monday, August 8, 2011

iVi Scents Kandee Johnson Collection Review

I first heard of iVi Scents from a video I watched on Kandee Johnson's YouTube Channel.  They were featuring a limited edition collection of bath products named after the famous beauty guru.  I am a big Kandee fan so I just had to try them out.  One thing that I should mention that I really like about the brand is that they are completely safe and do not contain toxins and chemicals that are bad for your skin.  Oh and shipping to Canada was pretty fast might I add!   Read on to see what I thought about the collection.

iVi Scents i Smell Soap - Birthday Cake ($6.99 USD)

This soap literally smells like birthday cake.  As soon as I opened that package I just wanted to eat it!  While using it in the shower I found the soap to be very creamy and it did not produce much of a lather.  So what I did was rubbed it into my body puff and that got the lather going.  I also like that it washes off well and doesn't leave a nasty residue on the skin.  After using this soap I noticed that the smell of  birthday cake lingered around in my bathroom.  Every time I went back to use the bathroom throughout the day I could still smell it.  It makes a wonderful air freshener!

Rating: 4.5/5 Only because it lacked lather using it alone with no puff

iVi Scents iShine Sugar Scrub ($14.99 USD)

I am sad to say that this is not my favourite product of the bunch.  I don't really like the texture of the scrub as it is pretty hard to get out of the tub.  I found that I was always scraping it out with my nails just to get it out.  The scrub is infused with lots of sugar but I felt that it melted so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to really scrub it on.  It just isn't a good exfoliator which is a downer because it smells so yummy.  I also did not like that this left a residue on my skin which was hard to wash off. AND this is the most expensive of the collection.  Such a total bummer! :(

Rating: 2/5 Just for it's healthy properties and yummy smell

iVi Scents iCing Body Frosting - Birthday Cake ($12.99)

Can we say OH EM GEE!  This stuff is amazeballs!  It's super thick and luscious but it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy which I love.  I love how it hydrates my skin and keeps it feeling soft all day long. I could slather this on over and over again because I love how it melts into my skin and it just smells so incredibly delicious!  Gosh how many times did I mention "I love" in this paragraph?  Seriously though, I really really love this stuff!  Check out the pic below to see how thick it is.  It doesn't even drip from the tub!  Awesome stuff right?

Rating: 5/5 This stuff rocks!

Anyone out there get the collection or purchase anything from this company?  I'd love to read your thoughts!