Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot or Not: New Hollywood Hair Trend

The latest celebrity to dye her hair a funky colour is Glee's Diana Agron.  What do you think of this new Hollywood hair trend we've been seeing lately?  Is it HOT or NOT?  Scroll down to see what I think.

Diana Agron:  I'm gonna have to give her a NOT!  She looks rather clownish in this pic and I don't think this really suits her image.

Kate Bosworth:  Another NOT!  Looks like she just dipped the ends of her hair in blue Kool Aid.  

Katy Perry:  HOT!  If anyone can pull off colourful hair it's Katy.  She's done it in the past and she's done it again.  It suits her well.

Sienna Miller:  I'm borderline HOT and NOT with this one.  You can tell that the colour in her strands are a very suble pink. I think if she was more put together in the right picture she could definitely pull this off.

Lauren Conrad:  HOT.  I believe she started this trend not to long ago.  The blue highlights are subtle and not too crazy.  She still looks well put together.

What are you thoughts?  Are they HOT or NOT?


  1. I think its all about keeping the colour well taken care of and do it tastefully. But these pics deffinately made me crave a few coloured streaks in my own hair! xx

  2. Agreed...Keeping it clean and classy!

  3. Some can pull it off, but most cant. Colours need to be better as it makes the hair look ratty, worn and dead!