Monday, August 15, 2011

Scoops Kid Spa

A few weeks ago my family spent a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Ontario.  We enjoyed the weekend splashing in the waterpark, going down the water slides, wading in the wave pool, and getting massages at Elements Spa.  One place my 4 year old daughter Kaly really loved was Scoops Kids Spa.  She got pampered like a little princess and got her cute little nails did.  Check out pics below of her experience!

Kaly's tiara in waiting...

 massage time...

mud wrap for the hands...just kidding it's a chocolate wrap!

time for some paint...

today she wants blue...

You like?  It's OPI's "Teal the Cows Come Home"

A great place for a little princess don't ya think?  


  1. she is tooooo cute :) her tiara looks great one her hehe :D

  2. Isn't she? She had lots of fun! :)

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  4. Hi Kelly...If you want to learn more about Scoops Kids Spa check out their website . I'm not sure if they have it in Australia but you can go on the site and see. Thanks!