Friday, April 2, 2010

T-Dot Beauty Bloggers Party it Up with BALMSHELL!

On Wednesday night I was able to attend the Balmshell Beauty Blogger Party located at their office in downtown Toronto.  After a long and tiring day at work I was almost hesitant in attending but thank goodness I went because I would have totally regretted it!  
 L-R: Fiona, Andrian, Jennifer, Karyn
I went down with none other than Fiona (aka: fionaman on YouTube).  Upon arriving I was totally wowed by how cute and very girly the office was.  It was decorated with red balloons and you could see Balmshell's signature colours black and hot pink all around the office. Bloggers were offered drinks by Girls Night Out Wines who was also a sponsor of the event.  We munched on yummy appetizers and food and indulged in delicious cupcakes made by Adjoa of Pretty Sweet Boutique
Cupcakes by Pretty Sweet Boutique
Also on display were the Balmshell Lip-Glosses.  We also had the opportunity to test some of the glosses out.  I tried 3 of them on but the one that won my heart was Confessions of a Call Girl a pretty orange/choral color which I thought would be great for the spring season.  I also tested out the cheek stains and ended up picking up Blackmail Betty which is a deep dark berry color. 
I had the privelage of meeting the founders and creators of Balmshell, Jennifer and Fiona Lees who are two of the nicest and sweetest twins you'll ever meet!  I also got to meet the lovely Adrian, who by the way was the only brunette at Balmshell and Balmshell hottie Karyn (aka: LoveBalmshell on Twitter).  I felt so tiny standing next to the Balmshell beauties and Karyn kept telling me how cute and tiny I was.  She even asked me to take a pic with her very tall boyfriend and bartender of the night.
I had so much fun meeting all these lovely beauty bloggers.  It was so nice to finally meet everyone who I talk to on a daily on Twitter. 
A big thank you to Balmshell for hosting such an amazing get together!  I'm looking forward to future Balmshell products and expanding my collection.  Also looking forward to more awesome events like this one!  I think I did unleash my inner Balmshell that night!

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