Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BH Cosmetics Waterproof Lip Liner Review

 As a bridal makeup artist I'm always looking for new products that I know will last throughout the day.  As I was online shopping I came across BH Cosmetics Waterproof Lip Liners.  I figured I'd try all of them out since they were only $2.95 each.  After a few weeks of testing I must say that not only are these liners affordable they are great quality.  I like that they are creamy and glide on easily on the lips.  You can wear them alone for a nice matte look or wear them as a base with your favorite lipstick over top.  I would definately use some of the colors for my brides as this will make their lipstick stay on for most of the day.  I found that they lasted pretty long (at least 6 hours for me).  But it will also depend on how much kissing, eating or drinking you'll be doing throughout the day.  For those of you who don't want to dish out the cash for the more expensive waterproof lip liners, I would say that this is a great alternative at a great price!

L-R:  Candy, Raspberry, Coral, Blosson, Earth, Rouge

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  1. nice! have to check these out - great price point and nice colour selection. I especially like the candy one - need a shade like that in my kit :)