Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 2010 MAC Warehouse Sale and Haul

Last Sunday I went to the MAC Warehouse Sale and I must say that I was quite disappointed.  I was most saddened that they had raised the prices and there weren't any more buy 1 get 1 free deals.  Also the $3.00 table was no longer.  They now had a $4.000 table.  The layout of the rooms had also changed so I wasn't sure where everything was anymore.  At the end of the sale the free gift was a perfume sample and a pencil sharpener.  I was very disappointed by that.  Also, I opted to skip out on the charity packages as the product wasn't something I'd use anyway.  Anyhow, here's what I ended up with.  It's just a small haul that I ended up paying a lot for when it would usually be much less!  I guess you can say that I won't be going to the March sale.

Top: Sculpt & Shape Power in Bone Beige, Sculpting Powder in Definitive, Bronzing Powder in Bronze, Bronzing Powder in Golden, Lipglass in Perennial High Style, Cremesheen Glass in Looks Like Sin

Bottom: Eyeshadow Quad in Photo Realism, Falsies #41, Paint Pot in Moss Scape, Matte Creme,  Brushes #311 (x2) & #331 (x2)


  1. Yaaaa I wasn't overly impressed either :S
    But I still managed to spend wayyy to much money. Story of my life lol.

  2. That really sucks that they've made so many crappy changes!

  3. thanks for sharing! :) so quick question... the pro discount is 40% for us here in the US, how much do you think the warehouse sale equates to? I wish we had a MAC warehouse here in vegas... lucky canadian girls! ;) lol

    xoxo trinity

  4. hey...what charity package did you get? let me know if you want to swap...tnx :)

  5. @Anjali I spent more than I should have too.

    @BoldNBeautiful Makeup Yeah I wasn't too happy with the changes this time around.

    @Trinity Well most of the stuff there is either discontinued or from past limited editions. I believe the sale is a little more that 40% altough the prices in past sales were really great deals!

    @Anonymous I didn't get any charity packages.

  6. I was wondering how much you got the bronzing powder and the sculpting powders for?
    I don't think I saw them at the last sale? I left pretty quickly when I saw how much the prices have gone up.
    Now I realize I could really use the sculpting powder...
    Also, are the bronzing powder matte enough to be used as sculping powder?